Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tofu In Creamy Sauce

Sumber : mamawandiha.blogspot

Ingredients :

4 keping tauhu & potong kiub 9
2 camb tepung jagung
2 camb tepung gandum
1 camt garam
1 camt black pepper

For the sauce :

1) Cut & pan dry the tofu on paper towel until dry. Lightly sprinkle some salt & pepper.
2) Combined all the coating ingredients like cornstarch, flour, salt & pepper in a plate. Dredged the tofu with the flour mixture.
3) Heat some oil & fried tofu until golden brown. Set it aside. Remove all the oil from the frying pan.
4) Heat up the butter in the same pan, stir fry the garlic, curry leaves & chillies until fragrant & lighly brown.
5) Add in the milk, salt, pepper & sugar & continue to stir until the milk thickens & milk evaporated. Add in the tofu & continue to stir fry until the tofu is well coated with the sauce.
6) Dish out & serve with rice.

Note :
The spiciness and amount of gravy can be adjust accordingly to suit your taste.

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